THE Plough, near Lancaster, offers an unusual mix between a traditional pub experience and a new swanky restaurant.

On entering the country pub, located in Galgate on the outskirts of the city, the split between those eating and drinking is immediately obvious.

One half of the room is designed as a relaxed pub – with low key decor and pop music, people drinking and playing darts – while the other side is set up for diners and designed with colourful wall paper and furniture.

While waiting for the food my partner and I were distracted by three or four flies, which kept landing on us and the table.

The pub offers a menu of traditional pub food, all served for around £10 or over.

When my Mediterranean burger arrived with chips and a side salad I realised the reason why this burger cost £9.75 was because of the amount of food provided.

It was double the size of what I would normally eat.

My partner, who opted for the steak, mushroom and stout pie, had the same size plate and he, too, found the quantity simply too much.

I am not usually one to complain when there is too much on my plate but I felt in this case there should have been cheaper options with smaller portions on the menu as well.

The service was very friendly and the food came in good time.

The menu also included fish and chips, grills and pastas and the drinks included traditional ales.