Action-packed is an oft-used cliché in today’s media. A catch-all adjective used by TV presenters and reviewers to describe even the most mundane cultural events ranging from novels to sporting clashes.

However, after even the briefest perusal of world-renowned comic artist Doug Braithwaite’s new exhibition at the Brewery Arts Centre, no other description of the stunning array of work on show will do.

Entitled The Universe Within, the exhibition is the centrepiece of the Kendal arts centre’s contribution as host venue for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and comprises a 30-year journey through the distinguished career of an artist which has breathed life into some of the world’s most famous comic characters from Spider-Man to Judge Dredd.

Doug recently made the journey to Kendal from his Northumberland home to help hang the exhibition. An exhibition which is guaranteed to have comic art fans from all corners of the UK drooling when the three-day festival gets under way on October 17.

“This will be my second year at the festival and I’m delighted to be back,” explained Doug.

“I ran a drawing demonstration last year and am thrilled that my work is being exhibited this year.

“LICAF is such a unique experience compared to the big American comic conventions I’ve attended. The focus is completely different and is less about book signing and selling and more about how the artist’s actually produce their work which for me is much more interesting.”

Doug’s love of comic art began as a child growing up in London where he developed a voracious appetite for reading Marvel and DC superhero comics such as Spider-Man.

“I just loved the colour, excitement and energy of the comics,” added Doug. “I was quite a shy child and reading the comics helped me open up to people and I began drawing to try and replicate the characters and express myself through art.”

Drawing was very much a private escape for Doug until an inspirational school teacher took him on a special visit to the London offices of Marvel UK.

“The artists showed me round and gave me some incredible insights into how to develop myself as an artist. I came out of those offices knowing that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Doug was also a talented footballer and played for the Chelsea youth team. However, an unfortunate injury ended his dreams of soccer stardom and focused his mind on his burgeoning skills as an artist.

He sought out night school classes in art and life drawing and stumbled upon one in Notting Hill run by renowned Marvel UK artist David Lloyd – the man behind the influential cult graphic novel V for Vendetta – who also attended last year’s LICAF.

“David’s classes were inspiration and gave me a great grounding in the humanism and dynamic anatomical drawing which has become my trademark style. I was like a sponge, desperate to learn from the professionals and develop as an artist.”

Doug sold his first ever piece of comic art soon after, an Action Force comic from 1987, the front cover of which is part the Brewery exhibition in the form of a huge collage of work from the first 10 years of his professional career along with personal notes and anecdotes about each one.

“I’ll never forget the thrill of seeing my first ever comic work for sale on the stands. I was only 17 and it was an amazing feeling.”

The bulk of the exhibition focuses on Doug’s contribution to the superhero genre including both hand sketched ink and colour drawings of characters such as Wolverine, Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk. Also heavily featured is his work aimed at mature audiences such as the acclaimed David Hine series Storm Dogs, a huge eight-foot character, the image of which dominates the Sugar Store Gallery show.

As well as working in comics, Doug also finds time for commissions in the world of advertising and has worked for clients such as Adidas, Sony, Formula One and Toyota. His love of football also led to work on EA Sports smash hit video games FIFA.

“I am very proud of the exhibition and I hope this exhibition gives a small insight into the worlds I create on a daily basis.

“It has been quite a cathartic experience looking back at my life and work but I hope what shines through is that I just love what I do. The execution of drawing and telling stories are what I live for. “It is part of me and that is never going to change.”

The Universe Within: The Art of Doug Braithwaite runs at the Brewery until October 26.