BARB JUNGR - Stockport to Memphis

REKINDLING the spirit of Sixties jazz and soul, North West England’s very own Dusty Springfield is back.

Barb was born in Rochdale but this record has Memphis, Tennessee written all over it, and it’s easy to hear why she has so many fans, including TV star Paul O’Grady.

The record flits between original songs and covers of classics by the likes of Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke and Neil Young.

A PLASTIC ROSE - Camera.Shutter.Life

BELFAST-based rockers A Plastic Rose have produced an energetic debut full of angst and guitars.

Their sound is indebted to Biffy Clyro, and they have already gained a lot of attention from a slot supporting Snow Patrol on a recent arena tour.

Opener Build From The Ground Up is trying a bit too hard to be epic, but tracks such as All You Know And Love Will Die are hard to ignore.

MY DYING BRIDE - A Map Of All Our Failures

DOOM metal leaders My Dying Bride celebrate twenty years in the business with a new album plunging the depths of humanity.

It’s definitely not my bag, but their legions of fans will not care about that, and there’s no denying that these lads from Yorkshire can play.

And I know I’m missing the point, but with track names such as Like A Perpetual Funeral and Kneel Til Doomsday, it’s not exactly going to cheer you up if you’re having a bad day.