SEDBERGH’S Josh Barrett has added another medal-winning sport to his list - judo.

The 15-year-old, who plays in the U16 Great Britain water polo squad and rugby for South Cumbria, came away with a silver medal at the Irish Open International Judo tournament in Dublin despite being drawn against two of the top British competitors in his group.

In his first contest the Kendal Judo Club member took his first opponent, a very experienced player from Washington, Co Durham, the full distance, including Golden Score time. Sadly he lost on the referee’s decision but it was very close.

Although this meant he couldn’t win gold, in the fight for the silver medal contest Barrett used some of the techniques shown to him by Mike Liptrot, Kendal Judo Club’s senior coach, to pull off a great win with an inner reaping throw for the full point to come second in his category.