THE owners of a Jack Russell who went missing almost four weeks ago have not given up hope of finding him.

Four-year-old Joey ran off while walking with Paul Meadows and his father on High Street, above Ullswater.

The pair had been on the Wainwright peak at around lunchtime on December 18, when the mist descended and the black and white Jack Russell ran to greet some other dogs.

Mr Meadows’ wife Wendy, said: “He usually runs off with other dogs and comes back but because of the mist he got lost. When my husband came down and waited for other walkers one said he had seen Joey about a mile from where he ran off, but noone has seen him since.” 

The distraught owners, of Southport, have made the 160-mile journey from their home to the fell most days since Joey went missing.

Wendy’s father, Mr Hicks, said the couple were now on holiday, but that the search was continuing.

He said: “They are still looking. It was hard for them to go away, but Paul’s father is still going up there every day.

“I think Joey will be on someone’s couch somewhere – I hope so.”

Paul's father, Alan Meadows said: "I cannot manage to go up everyday but I am asa much as possible. They are still hopeful, but obviously things are diminishing as time goes on.

"The forecase for possible snow this weekend is not good either."

Anyone who has spotted Joey should call Mr and Mrs Meadows on 07917204920 or contact The Westmorland Gazette on 01539 710190.