A SPECIAL Furness lollipop lady has been in her job so long she has helped at least two generations to cross the road safely.

Marjorie Robinson celebrates the 30th anniversary of ushering young children to safety outside Broughton-in-Furness primary school today (Thursday) – and has no plans to give it up yet.

The 73-year-old, from Kirkby-in-Furness, said she thoroughly enjoyed the job. “All the kids are really good – there have been no naughty ones at all,” she said.

“You get to know them really well and they all talk to me. I’ve seen many grow up and leave and four or five years later I see them and think: ‘Gosh, you were not that tall’. I’ve also seen many come back with their own children.”

It was only by chance that the former farmer’s wife donned her yellow jacket and picked up her lollipop back in 1983.

“It was the previous October when the job was first advertised and my family asked if I would to apply,” she said.

“I didn’t but the role wasn’t filled so when they asked again I took the chance.”

Despite standing outside in all sorts of weather, Mrs Robinson said it did not dampen her spirits.

“You don’t really get wet under the coat, and even so, it’s only a bit of water!

“You just joke and laugh with the children and it’s always fun – even when they threw snowballs at me during the recent snow.”

She added that the jollity gained from being a lollipop lady had helped her through tough times.

“I lost my husband two years ago and so the job was a real Godsend then. It gave me something to do and was a big help.

“I hope I can continue it for another few years yet.”

Head teacher Jackie Graham-Kevan described Mrs Robinson as a ‘little treasure’.

“The children adore Marjorie,” she said. “She’s part of the fabric of the school – she knows everybody and is always helpful.”