A KESWICK hotel worker is heading to India to volunteer with children and vulnerable adults in poverty.

Castle Inn Hotel staff member Suzie Carden, 22, has been taking part in Zumbathons to raise money for VSO, Voluntary Service Overseas. The charity arranges work placements around the world and after a vigorous application process, Suzie has been chosen.

Suzie has raised £800 doing the three hour Zumba sessions and will now leave for India later this year.

She will be working with children and vulnerable adults in poverty, mainly focusing on governance, gender equality and discrimination against people with disabilities.

Suzie said: “I have always wanted to go to India though, the culture and the colours attract me.

“But there are also many things still undeveloped in India, which I'd like to help with. It's amazing that in Delhi, which is such a built up city, 51% of the population are in extreme poverty.

“Women are still treated as second class citizens, many children do not go to school, and without education they are stuck in a rut.”

“I hope to use my skills in performing arts to boost the confidence of those I’m working with. It’s a great opportunity and in turn I hope to pick up new skills in India which will be useful back at the Castle Inn Hotel in dealing with all types of guests.”