THE actions of a young mum - who pushed her toddler in a buggy 'half way across' the estuary at Arnside as the tide was coming in - have been described as 'unbelievable'.

The unnamed woman and child walked way out under the railway viaduct at Arnside but either 'ignored or didn't hear' sirens sounding to warn the tide was coming in.

It sparked fears on the shore they would be stranded, surrounded by water and cut off.

A tannoy address calling for the woman to turn back also went 'unheard' so Arnside Coastguard had to dispatch its mobile rescue unit to the scene.

Nigel Capstick, coastguard manager at Arnside, described the incident on Sunday at 5pm as 'unbelievable'.

"The lady was under the viaduct and half way across the estuary with the buggy as the tide was coming in and the second tide siren had sounded. She either didn't hear or ignored the warning."

He stressed that pockets of quicksands in the area are 'extremely severe' at the moment despite the prolonged hot temperatures.

A man and woman were also caught out at Great Crag - or outer rock as some call it - on the Grange-over-Sands side of the bay.

Many walkers wander onto the causeway and end up a mile off shore - oblivious that the tide can silently surround them and cut them off.

Again, the Coastguard had to despatch a rescuer on a jet-ski to warn the couple back to safety.

Three sheep have also died after wandering onto beaches - possibly to find water to drink.

Mr Capstick said the animals have become quickly becoming deadlocked and unable to free themselves before the tide comes in.

Two animals died near Sandside and the other on the other side of the water at Meathop.

Mr Capstick is pleased that people living around the area are remaining alert to the dangers and contacting them.

He also said The Westmorland's Gazette's Safety On The Sands campaign was creating more awareness.

"The positive thing is people are more willing to dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard as we are certainly hearing about incidents we wouldn't have done otherwise," said Mr Capstick.