YOUNG people living in rural areas and struggling to to school, college or their place of work are being offered help.

Cumbrian company Inspira, which has a base at Kendal College, is running a programme to bridge the rural transport gap.

It has made five Honda Vision 50cc mopeds available to those aged 16 and over for a six-month loan.

The innovative programme, called Kendal Wheels 2 Work, has been made possible by Children In Need money. Inspira is a leading personal development and career guidance organisation, which also has a base at Gillan Way in Penrith.

It says the scheme is a ‘lifeline’ for many young people.

Asher Hamilton, from Kendal, is considering the programme as a way to find employment outside the town where she lives.

“I think the scheme could help me enormously. I am doing business admin at Kendal College and will be looking for job opportunities very soon. The scooter would help me look for jobs outside Kendal so broadening my opportunities. During the loan period I imagine I will be able to save up enough money to buy a car.”

Pete Armitage of Inspira, the local adviser for Wheels2Work agreed.

“The programme is simple yet effective. It would give Asher the opportunity to look at different jobs to help her develop the career she is looking for.”

The Children in Need funding enabled Inspira to add 10 new scooters to the programme, bringing the total number of mopeds Cumbria-wide to 27.

The Honda Vision 50 was chosen as they provide up to 146.9 mpg - giving a range of over 177 miles from one tank of fuel.

To be eligible for the scheme people need to have a provisional drivers licence.


They are assessed by Inspira to make sure they meet the criteria of the scheme. Then, if they pass the assessment, they need to complete a one-day compulsory basic training and pass the test.

The mopeds are expected to have three-year lifespan, and the organisation is in talks with local councils as well as local community funds.

If you think you could benefit from the scheme, contact Advice Services South Lakes on Facebook, or call at its reception desk at Kendal College, or telephone 0800 435 709.