ORGANISERS of the Great North Swim have said there ‘is no reason’ a sighting of blue green algae in Windermere should affect this weekend’s event.

Traces of the potentially toxic plant were spotted in the lake on Friday, prompting warnings to swimmers and pet owners. Toxins from the algae can kill wild animals, livestock and pets.

The Great North Swim was cancelled in 2010 when the presence of blue green algae led to concerns about the welfare of participants.

But organisers have said there is ‘no reason’ for it to affect the event this year.

“The Environment Agency tests the water regularly and there are no tests so far that have given us any reason for alarm,” said an event spokesman.

“When the weather is as changeable as it was over the weekend it chops up the water and makes it safer.

“We will continue to test the water throughout this week.”