A ‘LOVING and caring' father-of-three took his own life while suffering from mental illness, a coroner has ruled.

Robert Reid was found hanged at his Peat Lane home in Kendal on March 14 this year.

The 38-year-old’s mother, Janette Wilson, told the Kendal hearing Mr Reid was seeing a psychiatrist and was taking a range of medications.

PC Andy Beard, based in Kendal, said two notes were found at the scene - one written to on-and-off partner Suzanne Hogg and one to his direct family.

He said it was ‘quickly apparent’ the emergency services could not save Mr Reid.

Ms Wilson added: “The relationship came to an end in a way, they were still friends and did have future plans. They didn’t want to give up because of their children.”

After the inquest, which was held on Tuesday, she added: “Now that the inquest is over we will all try to move on and love and care for his three children, Mathew, 11, Angel, four, and Noah, 16 months, and make sure they all know about their amazing much-loved Daddy.”

Coroner for South and East Cumbria Ian Smith recorded a verdict that Mr Reid died as a consequence of his own actions while suffering from mental illness.