Kirkbie Kendal School

2014 - A-Levels

Georgina Askew G, Dr, AppSc, E Lit(AS), GS(AS); Mark Banks C, B, La, GS(AS); Daniel Barrow C, P, Cm, M, GS(AS); Chloe Birchall HSC. So(AS); Rebecca Black G, E Lit, Dr, GS, BS(AS); Oliver Brown G, BS, GS, Lw; Rebecca Brown E Lit, Lw, RS, ICT, GS(AS); John Bryers G, C, E Lang, B(AS); Gemma Buckley M(B), C, P, B(AS), GS(AS); Jez Carrick DT, AppSc, A(AS); Nicole Cartmell MS, F, GS, RS; Emma Casey A, MS, E Lit, E Lang(AS), GS(AS); Hayley Chaplow E Lang, HE, AppSc, MS(AS), GS(AS); Luch Clarke G, C, Lw, B(AS), GS(AS); Rebecca Clarke So, E Lit, H, GS; Ryan Close BS, MS, Lw, E Lang(AS); Daniel Crossley BS, Cm, ICT, GS(AS), Lw(AS); Emily Crossley C, M, HE, B(AS), GS(AS); Andrew Crowdy BS, GS, B(AS); Paul Crowdy G, BS, GS; Kristin Davison C, M, B, GS(AS); Bronte Dixon A, MS ICT; Calvin Dollard G, PE, H, GS, B(AS)  ; Tom Dolman G, BS, MS F(AS), GS(AS); Lauren Edmonds G, BS, MS; Lauren Fletcher-Gibson Ps, so, GS, Lw, RE(AS); Megan Forrest MS, E Lang, E Lit, GS(AS); Amy Furness RS, HS(OCRN) GS(AS); James Garner E Lang, Sp(OCRN), GS(AS); Katy Garriock E Lit, B, RS, H(AS), GS(AS); Hannah Gaunt G, So, Lw, B(AS); Paul Heap C, M, B, FM, M(B), GS(AS); Jack Hill So, H, RS; Oliver Hine MS, E Lang, B, Ps(AS); Maya Holligan Ps, So, E Lit, M(AS); William Holmes M, DT, P, Cm(AS); Christopher Hurtley P, M, B; Katy Jones G, So, GS, Lw, BS(AS); Kyle Kinley MS, DT, GS, ICT; Oliver Kirk G, BS, AppSc, MS(AS), GS(AS); Sophie Lewthwaite So, HS(OCRN); Jonathon Lowther E Lit, H, RS, M(AS), GS(AS); Lauren McDougall C, M, B, GS; Robert McFadden G, BS, E Lang, Lw(AS); Connor McGurk C, P, Cm, M, GS FM(AS); James McGurk C, E Lang, M B, Sp(AS); Caron McKane So, HE, RS, GS(AS), Lw(AS); Ellie McKee So, E Lit, RS, Fr(AS), GS(AS); Jessica McKenzie RS, HS(OCRN); Oliver Mills G, HE, AppSc, So(AS), GS(AS); Lorraine Morgan G, BS, MS; Emily Morphet Ps, E Lit, B, GS, C(AS); Louis Musetti P, PE, M, C(AS); Clarissa O’Halloran So, MS, HE; Evan Otway G, M, B, GS(AS); Lauren Parkinson DT, HS(OCRN);  Rebecca Pickthall G, M, HE, Ps(AS). GS(AS); Liam Platt BS, Cm, ICT, GS(AS); Heather Ramsay G, BS, GS, Lw, E Lang(AS); Matthew Robinson P, DT, M, Cm(AS), GS(AS); Helen Sanders G, C, B, M(AS); Adam Scowcroft G, BS, MS, GS(AS) AppSc(AS); Alex Skill G, Ps, B(AS), GS(AS); Natasha Spratt C, M, B, GS(AS); Joseph Stafford BS, PE, B, C(AS), GS(AS); Laura Stainton Ps, HE, AppSc, Lw(AS), GS(AS); Robbie Stephens G, PE, E Lang, GS; Jordan Stobbart BS, SP(OCRN); Hannah Storton G, HS(OCRN); Connor Stuart E Lang, H, GS, Lw, So(AS); Daniel Taylor MS, E Lang, GS, P(AS); Daniel Thompson AppSc, Sp(OCRN); Katie Todd G, So, GS, RS, E Lit(AS); Lauren Townley RS, HS(OCRN), Ps(AS), GS(AS); Thomas Tweedley MS, E Lang, GS, BS(AS); Linsey Tyler AppSc, HS(OCRN); Jessica Wallace G, BS, Lw, M(AS), GS(AS); Samuel Ward MS, DT, ICT, GS(AS); Emma White AppSc, HS(OCRN); Haydn Whitehead A, MS, Dr, E Lit(AS); Amee Wightman BS, So, MS, E Lang(AS), GS(AS); Matthew Wightman Sp(OCRN); Hannah Wilkin So, Lw, ICT, GS(AS); Rebecca Wilkinson-Herd So, RS, AppSc; Stephanie Wilson Gm, E Lit, RS, Dr(AS); Stephanie Wise AppSc, HS(OCRN), GS(AS). 

2014 A-Level Key

A Art; Ac Accounting; AD Art & Design; AD (3D) 3D Art & Design; AD (VCE) VCE Applied Art & Design; AppSc Applied Science; AH Ancient History; AHC Art History & Criticism; Ar Arabic; B Biology; B&A(NVQ) NVQ Business and Admin; BBS (VCE) VCE Applied Business; BE (VCE) VCE Construction & Built Environment; BM Business Management; BS Business Studies;BS CT Cambridge Techincal Certificate in Business; BTEC (Act) BTEC Acting; BTECH (CP) BTEC Creative Production; BTEC (CMP) BTEC Creative Media Production; BTEC (Dan) BTEC Dance; BTEC (HSC) Health & Social Care; BTEC (Mus) BTEC Music; BTEC (MusR) BTEC Music Recording; BTEC (OEd) BTEC Outdoor Education; BTEC (Spor) BTEC Sport; BTEC (TArts) BTEC Theatre Arts; C Chemistry; CC Classical Civilisation; Ch Chinese; Cm Computing; CS Computer Studies; CT Critical Thinking (AE); Cert C&YP Certificate of Children and Young People’s Workforce; C&YP(NVQ) NVQ Children and Young People; CoPE Level 3 Certificate of Personal Effectiveness; CW Creative Writing; D Dance; Des Design; Dr Drama; DT Design & Technology; DipEmp&PD Diploma in Employment and Personal Development; Du Dutch; E Lit English Literature; Ec Economics; Ec&B Economics & Business; E Comb English Language & Literature; Ed Education; El Electronics; E Lang English Language; Eng (NVQ) NVQ Engineering; Eng (VCE) VCE Engineering; ES Environmental Studies; ExPr Extended Project (AS); Ex Expressive Textiles;  F French; FA Fine Art; FF Fashion & Fabrics; FIN Finance; FM Further Maths; FT Food Technology; G Geography; GC Graphic Communication; GD Graphic Design; Ge Geology; Gm German; Gk Greek; GS General Studies; H History; HA History of Art; HAD History of Art & Design; HB Human Biology; HC (VCE) VCE Hospitality & Catering; HE Home Economics; HE (FF) Home, Fashion & Fabric; HE (HFS) Home, Family & Society; HSB Human/Social Biology; HSC (DA) Health & Social Care Double Award; HSC (VCE) VCE Health & Social Care; HSC (AS) AS Health & Social Care I Italian; ICT Information & Communication Technology; ICT (VCE) VCE Applied Information & Communication Technology; J Japanese; L Latin; La Law; LR (VCE) VCE Leisure & Recreation; LS Leisure Studies; M Mathematics; Man (VCE) VCE Manufacturing; Med (VCE) VCE Media, Communication & Production; Mf Advanced Manufacturing; MH Modern Hebrew; MStats Mathematical Statistics; MS Media Studies; Mu Music; MV (NVQ) NVQ Motor Vehicles; P Physics; PA Performing Arts; PA (VCE) VCE Performing Arts; PE Physical Education; Pg Portuguese; PG Politics & Government; Ph Philosophy; Pl Polish; PM Pure Mathematics; Pr Products; PrDes Product Design PS Performance Studies; Ps Psychology; Pt Photography; R Russian; Ret (VCE) VCE Retail & Distributive Services; RS Religious Studies; S Statistics; Sc (VCE) VCE Applied Science; SB Social Biology; SFPU Science for Public Understanding; So Sociology; Sp Spanish; SS Sport Studies; T Technology; Tx Textiles; TS Theatre Studies; TT (VCE) VCE Travel & Tourism; T&T CT Cambridge Technical Certificate in T&T; Um Use of Mathematics; U Urdu; WD World Development.


(AE) after a subject indicates an ‘Advanced Extension’ pass.

(AS) after a subject indicates an ‘Advanced Subsidiary’ pass.

(STEP) after a subject indicates a special pass for Cambridge University candidates.

TT(B) BTEC Travel & Tourism Level 3 National Award.

BS OCRN –OCR National Level 3, Business Studies.

T&T(OCRN) Level 3 National Diploma, Travel & Tourism.

(OCRN) Level 3 National Diploma.

BS(BTEC) BTEC Level 3 National Award, Business Studies.

MS(BTEC) BTEC Level 3 National Ward, Media Studies.

(EPQ) Extended Project Qualification.

ExtP Extended Project.

(FSMQ) Free Standing Maths Qualification.

.SHD Advanced Diploma Society, Health & Development

SHD(P) Advanced Progression Diploma Society, Health & Development

BAF Advanced Diploma Business, Admin & Finance

C&M Advanced Diploma, Creative & Media

POINTS EXPLAINED: University offers and national league tables work on a points score. A grades = 120 points; B = 100 points; C = 80 points; D = 60 points; E = 40 points. AS levels count as half an A-level.

* indicates A* result.