JOURNALIST Rosalind Gibb was working in north Cumbria when the sudden death of her partner shattered her world in an instant.

They were former colleagues and had been friends for six years before love finally blossomed in the spring of 2010. Andrew lived in Musselburgh near Edinburgh, so meeting up was inevitably confined to weekends.

Between these visits, they exchanged phone calls and texts - then one day Andrew's communications fell silent.

Tragically, the 45-year-old had collapsed and died while exercising in a gym; but because their relationship was so personal and almost secretive in its intensity, none of Andrew's friends thought to let Rosalind know.

Show Me Colour is the story of her struggle to put the pieces of her life back as well as a moving tribute to Andrew and her friends and family.

She also uses the book to explore grief in our culture and how little it is discussed.

In its second part, the book tells how, still recovering from her deep grief, Rosalind sets out to travel through Italy, where she learns to appreciate life 'anew'.

From each sale of Show Me Colour, 50p will be donated to the charity Cruse Bereavement Care.