ANOTHER sighting of a strange creature in Windermere has added weight to the theory that something unexplained is lurking beneath the surface of the lake.

Michael Bentley, from Ambleside, was the canoeist who was spotted by photographer Linden Adams paddling close to the scene of where he took a picture of what he claims to be a four-metre long beast in Windermere, as reported in The Westmorland Gazette last week.

Mr Bentley, who was unaware of the presence of the animal as he enjoyed a morning canoeing at the south end of Windermere, said. "I did not see anything that day but I remember the conditions on the lake were absolutely flat and calm. When I saw the report I contacted Linden Adams and he showed me the pictures he took and I was paddling right towards where the thing was feeding but I was going quite fast and did not see anything."

A self-confessed sceptic, Mr Bentley has backed up Mr Adams's dramatic pictures with his own shots taken while paddling in the same area of the lake, with his partner, last weekend.

For full story see this week's Westmorland Gazette.