A SOLDIER died from multiple injuries after a military vehicle rolled over him on an Eden training base, an inquest heard.

Cumbria's assistant coroner Alan Sharpe concluded the death of Sergeant Mark Colin Foley on June 4, 2014, on Warcop Training Area was accidental.

He told the court in Kendal today (May 1) that although a short form conclusion was 'appropriate', it was important that the details leading to that were 'elaborated upon'.

The inquest heard control was lost of the modified Land Rover (RWMIK) due to the inexperience of the driver in driving the vehicle.

Mr Sharpe said the fatal injuries were caused by Sgt Foley's failure to wear a safety harness.

"The circumstances leading to him not wearing a safety harness in my view was that it was at the discretion of commanders not to wear them, and in practice it was common for commanders not to wear them, especially in training exercises," he added.

The coroner said he intended to make a Section 28 report to the Army for them to consider action with regards to the training of drivers and the enforcement of standing orders - which included the wearing of safety harnesses.

Dad-of-two Sgt Foley, 31, was one of three officers in the vehicle returning from a training exercise to a debrief area.

Mr Sharpe concluded as the passenger, Mr Foley was not wearing a seatbelt and when Trooper Dominic Paylor lost control of the vehicle on the crest of a hill, he was ejected.

The inquest heard the RWMIK toppled over him, causing multiple injuries.

Mr Foley, of Norfolk, died at the scene at around 11am on June 4.