MOUNTAINEERING fans can keep up to date with an Appleby climber's latest adventure to Everest with regular updates on a popular video-sharing website.

As previously reported in the Messenger, climbing ace Leo Houlding is taking part in an expedition which aims reach the summit of the world's highest mountain wearing replicas of the clothing worn by mountaineering legends George Mallory and Sandy Irvine during their ill-fated summit attempt in 1924.

The highs and lows of the trip are being captured for a documentary-movie and film company Altitude Films has signed an agreement with search engine giants Google to showcase video highlights of the expedition on YouTube.

Altitude Films's own interactive website - - will also follow the progress of the climb with daily video feeds, photos, expedition diary and blogs from members of the expedition team.

The team, which includes US climber Conrad Anker, who found Mallory's frozen body on the slopes of Everst in 1999, is now acclimatising at base camp ahead of the summit attempt, which will be Mr Houlding's first Everest attempt.

"Joining an expedition like this to climb the highest mountain in the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The tale of Mallory and Irvine is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. The discovery of Mallory's body raised many more questions than it answered, and it will be really interesting to see if we think they could have summited," he said.