Home is Where the Heart is by Freda Lightfoot, £6.99

FREDA Lightfoot draws upon family sagas from her own childhood in Lancashire and her time spent living in the Lakeland fells for inspiration in her work.

And she returns with another heartwarming wartime drama set in Manchester in 1945.

When Cathie is forced to care for her orphaned niece following the tragic death of her sister, her returning war hero Alexander struggles to accept the baby is not maternally hers.

Following the postponement of their engagement, Cathie learns Alexander isn’t so innocent himself and is left to fend with the child alone.

The power of love is juxtaposed against the strength of a family bond with both developed characters suffering from the isolation and devastation caused in World War 2.

Cathie struggles to find the tenderness she once felt for her returning veteran Alexander in the imaginative novel.

Home is Where the Heart is convincingly explores the conflict in a family drama.

Published by Harlequin, an imprint of HarperCollins.