A MAJOR Kendal bridge and road has been partially shut.

Yesterday (Wednesday) a specialist diving team undertook a further inspection of Victoria Bridge, on Sandes Avenue, and it revealed that a pillar on the upstream side had been eroded.

The damage has occurred since the flood of December 5/6 when the bridge was closed, inspected and re-opened on December 7 and has been caused by the continuous fast moving water that has been flowing through the bridge since its last inspection.

The bridge will remain open to east-bound traffic travelling out of town but traffic is believed to be backed-up for about a mile along Shap Road.

Now one lane on Station Road, leading from the A6 roundabout to Victoria Bridge, is also closed. 

The reason for that stretch of road being closed is currently unknown, but more updates will follow.


Cumbria County Council is working with consulting engineers to agree the priority for repairs for bridges across Cumbria. Options for temporary and permanent repairs will be considered before any indication of timescales for the works can be announced.

In the meantime the A6 is being closed this evening to west-bound traffic at Longpool roundabout with a diversion along Wildman Street and over Stramongate Bridge. Traffic requiring access to Beezon Road Industrial Estate will be able to use Wildman Street and Beezon Road.