All That You Fear Is Gone: Headspace (Inside Out)

I confess that I struggled with this album at first. There's so much going on musically and none of the tracks follows a conventional verse, chorus, verse format that I could not get to grips with it at all.

But I persevered and itpaid off as after two or three listensings to each track I began to see where the band was coming from and to appreciate their efforts more.

Headspace are a mix of progressive and hard rock. The band comprises Damian Wilson (Threshold) on vocals; Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne) on keyboards; Pete Rinaldi (Hot Leg) on guitar; Lee Pomeroy (It Bites and Steve Hackett) on bass and Adam Faulkner (Babyshambles, Dido) on drums.

There are shades of Yes here, as well as Led Zeppelin and, occasionally 10CC and even the sound and phrasings of musical theatre. Some of the lyrics veer a little towards Rush when words you would not expect to find in a song creep in, such as on the track The Science Within Us. 

I loved a lot of the keyboards but there were too many occasions, in my opinion, when songs went off into sections of frenzied drumming and skilful but rather frenetic guitar solos.

But there were also moments of prog grandeur and there is lots to enjoy in these 12 tracks, some of which are very long.

At their best, such as on second track and new single Your Life Will Change, the creativity of five talented musicians all comes together into a satisfying whole.

Headspace would probably put on an amazing live show so watch out for any announcements about gigs and check them out for yourself.

* All That You Fear Is Gone is released on February 26.