A SELF-employed farm contractor has been hailed a Westmorland Gazette Flood Hero after dropping everything to help the flood-hit Glenridding community.

Storm Desmond's gales and record rain turned the village beck into a rubble-strewn torrent that swept into homes and businesses. Among the many people who galvanised the post-flood recovery was farm worker Carl Scrivens. Local residents told the Gazette: "It is difficult to nominate any one individual from Glenridding, Patterdale and Hartsop as the whole community has really pulled together since the traumatic events of early December.

"However, one individual deserves special mention – Carl Scrivens. Carl has worked tirelessly and selflessly since the start of the floods to help the community recover. From the first day he was central to the community’s efforts in sorting out the flood issues, from helping to clear the trees and debris from under Glenridding Bridge at the start, to spending Christmas Eve unblocking the drains of a 90-year-old couple who were forced out of their homes on the first day."

Carl took more than six weeks off work to offer his services seven days a week, and was key to establishing the Community Flood Group that aims to prevent serious flooding in future. "He would never seek out the spotlight, preferring to quietly get on in the background with the jobs that need doing without fuss or fanfare, and this precisely why he deserves recognition as one of the many Flood Heroes from our parish."

Mr Scrivens told the Gazette: "The top and bottom of it is, it's a team effort. There are a lot of people apart from myself that have been involved and I'm honoured to be put forward."

* The response to the Gazette’s ‘Flood Heroes’ launch has been overwhelming.We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone so far who has paid tribute to their heroes.

Please keep sending your nominations to mike.addison@nqnw.co.uk so that we can give these people the recognition they deserve.