THE humble garden gnome has fallen out of fashion over the past 10 years, with sales having halved.

The figures, which come from a poll of 2,000 Britons undertaken by Asda, show that a huge 94 per cent would ‘never have a gnome in their garden.’ At Hayes Garden World in Ambleside, one employee reported that they have not sold gnomes for the past two years.

Chris Gledhill, a retail assistant, said: “They did not sell well or that quickly when we had them in.


“Other figures of animals and big Roman statues are popular. And people like a Buddha!”

Although there are supposedly around 5million garden gnomes in the UK, sales have been dropping since 2006.

In Cumbria, gnomes made headlines back in 2005, when it was discovered that the depths of Wast Water were home to a whole clan of the figurines.

The underwater gnome garden had been placed in the body of water as a point of interest for divers.

And it seems that, with just six per cent of people saying they loved the ornaments and had at least one in their garden, garden gnomes are set to stay sleeping with the fishes.

Are you one of the 94 per cent who would not dream of having a gnome in their garden? Or are you bucking the trend? Send your gnome selfies to and we’ll showcase our favourites.