WHEREAS many of us may volunteer one or two hours to a good cause when we can, one Kendal man has been freely helping the Sandylands community full time.

Martin Stanbridge, 67, worked 'unstintingly' for two and a half months after the floods, and continues to volunteer his time whenever needed.

Mr Stanbridge has cleaned out houses, gardens and driven an 'encouragement van' to help with larger removals in the area he loves.

He said: "I've lived in the area for 33 years, moving from Cambridge. There's a real sense of community here."

As part of the volunteer team, Mr Stanbridge also manned the flooded church building, providing a warming cup of tea and a listening ear to those who needed it.

Rosemary Hirst, a friend of Mr Stanbridge's wife, believes that his 'generosity' of his 'time and spirit' should not be ignored.

"Since the initial crisis Martin has continued to make himself available on an 'on call' basis," she said. "Martin has worked tirelessly to meet the practical needs of a great many flood victims.

"He's a quiet, unassuming man who has endeavoured to avoid publicity."

And, true to form, Mr Stanbridge, who also volunteers with the Scouts, does not think that he has done anything much out of the ordinary.

"I think anybody would have done it," he said. "It's just helping people and I like helping people."

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