WHEN Allyson and Peter Ingall's Kendal home flooded, it was their 66-year-old neighbour who came to their rescue.

Despite the couple being stranded in their Mint Road house, Angie managed to reach her friend to offer practical support, as well as much appreciated bacon sandwiches.

If that was not enough, Angie then transported the couple to the other side of the waterlogged town, providing a glass of wine as well as arranging alternative accommodation for them.

Allyson said: "Without Angie we wouldn't have got has far as we have, we're almost back in our house.

"It made such a difference to us. She has been my friend for 20 years or more and she instantly knew what we needed."

As well as bringing provisions, Angie helped to remove carpets, acted as chauffeur as the couple had lost both of their cars to the floods, and provided emotional support.

Allyson said: "Angie's practical and emotional support enabled us to focus our energies on dealing swiftly with the insurance company and related administration.

"We are now in a position where we are likely to be returning to live in our fully refurbished house sometime in April.

"Without her, I'm not sure where we would be right now or how we would have coped."

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