CUMBRIAN young farmers had a busy weekend, with showings at both the Annual Convention and the Countryfile awards.

THE National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs held their 84th Annual Convention at Blackpool with 680 of the 6,000 young farmers in attendance, being from Cumbria YFC.

Cumbrian members were involved in three National Finals in during the weekend. Lowick YFC’s Show Choir performed to an exceptionally high standard, and just missed out on an award, being placed in a very creditable 4th place.

Skelton YFC wowed the audience with their stunning ballroom dance routine, and thoroughly enjoyed performing in such a grand setting. Against very tough competition, they were placed 8th.

The jewel in the weekend’s crown was Brampton YFC’s performance of “The Wrong Fifty” written by Advisory Member, Gordon Brown.

Cast members gave an incredibly emotive performance which left many of the audience and judges in tears. The tension was palpable as the cast and audience waited with bated breath for the results to be announced.

The roof of the Opera House Theatre almost lifted with cheers, as Brampton were announced the winners.

To add to Brampton’s well deserved success, Joe Bowman, was awarded “Best Actor”, winning the award at all 5 rounds of the drama competition for his portrayal of John.

While the young farmers were in Blackpool, those who remained in the county eagerly awaited their weekly fix of 'Countryfile' and the annual Food and Farming Awards.

Nominated for the role they played clearing up in the aftermath of Storm Desmond, Cumbria YFC made it all the way to the final three.

Members, Tom Mitchinson (Raughton Head YFC), Rachel Hayton and Heather Bland (Pennine YFC) and Mark Hurst (Aspatria YFC), accompanied by Raughton Head Advisory member, Stephen Buckle attended the Awards Ceremony in Bristol.

Although they did not win, Tom Mitchinson of Cumbria YFC said: “It was a real honour for Cumbria YFC to be nominated for the award and we are all really chuffed. It was totally unexpected as we only set out to help where we could after the floods” .