A Lancaster man has today (May 24) been sentenced for defrauding a number of people out hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Neil Casson, 48, of no fixed address, previously pleaded guilty to 20 fraud offences against over 20 victims, fraud against Ferrari Finance and Black Horse Finance, as well as a money laundering offence.

Today he was sentenced to five years and four months imprisonment.

His crimes saw him con potential love interests and acquaintances out of cash, the majority of which was used to fund his gambling habit.


He would target vulnerable women, convincing them to invest in his business, re-mortgage properties and buy expensive cars for him.

Despite being unemployed, Casson was able to buy himself a Ferrari 458 Spider from the profits of his dishonesty.

Most victims were from Lancaster but some were also from Blackpool.

Speaking after today’s result, Sgt 3283 Steve Craig said: “Neil Casson is a despicable con man who wove a web of deceit, targeting women and people he knew would provide him with cash to fritter away on his gambling addiction. He has at no point shown any remorse for what he has done or empathy for his victims.

“One victim sold her house for him and was left almost penniless because of his lies. Others have seen their life savings taken which they fear they may never get back.

“One common theme amongst most of those affected is that Casson’s actions haven’t just left them financially affected but they say that they are embarrassed and humiliated that they were taken in by him. That is how good of a liar he was.

“I hope that today’s sentencing/ conviction will provide them with some closure so they can start to move on with their lives.

“If you or someone you know has been affected by this type of crime, please come forward. I hope that this case reassures people that we will investigate and prosecute these types of offenders.”