A CAMPAIGN to reduce the speed limit on a road which two people died in an head-on crash earlier this month has been launched.

After years of witnessing accidents at their doorstep, Chris Williams and Val Noon, both from Staveley, have created on online petition to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph on a stretch of the A591 from the village to Ings.

Maureen Runswick, 81, from Staveley and 90-year old Ken Townson, of Bolton-le-Sands, died following a collision opposite to Mrs Noon’s driveway on August 6.

There is no suggestion that speed was involved in the crash.

Ms Williams, 63, said: “If somebody doesn’t ask the question we don’t get anything done. Valerie and I decided that we have got to at least try.”

Mrs Noon, 55, has lived in her house 100 yards away from the single carriageway for the past 20 years and has witnessed a number of accidents, including a death of two motorcyclists.

Mrs Noon said: “There is a 40mph speed limit area in Ings and once they arrive to Staveley, which is a 60-mile area, people really put their foot down. I keep thinking when the next accident is going to be.

“We had a police officer come in after the crash on August 6 to get some more details, who said that we should start campaigning to get the speed limit reduced. That’s when it hit home to us, with my daughter’s accident as well.”

Mrs Noon’s daughter Sophie, now 27, was airlifted to hospital six years ago following a collision when turning off the A591 to enter the drive to her home at High Reston.

Mrs Noon said: “It was just another accident on that horrendous road. Fortunately she recovered and is here to tell the tale. Unfortunately those two people didn’t survive.

“It’s really ironic that when police put up signs after that crash appealing for witnesses, the traffic actually slowed down. Once they took the signs away a week later it went back to same.”

Ms Williams said: “We are the gateway to the Lakes. Why do we need a 60 miles per hour? It’s not going to make any difference whatsoever to travel time but lowering it would make the road safer.

“For planning and all other purposes the area is classed as residential with over 15 households having to exit onto the A591. As a residential area a speed limit of 60 miles per hour is totally inappropriate.”


Mrs Noon and Ms Williams are collecting signatures at their local pharmacy and doctor’s surgery and are seeking to present their petition to Cumbria County Council once the online version gets taken down in November.

The online version of the petition can be found at http://councilportal.cumbria.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?ID=42&RPID=30286100&HPID=30286100&%24LO%24=1