MOTORISTS have been getting themselves into a hole heap of bother parking on a piece of waste land across from a South Lakeland railway station.

The sloping verge opposite Oxenholme Station is often used for drop-offs and collections, but a number of potholes in its surface has left cars stuck and requiring assistance to get out.

Amy Moore, of Yealand Conyers, is one of those whose car got wedged in a pothole and she is now calling for action in a bid to prevent other motorists from getting in the same predicament.

"I was dropping of my daughter at the station and I thought I would just pull onto the plot and my car just dropped about a foot," said Mrs Moore, 54. "I was stuck in there and had to call a recovery company to pull my car out, which cost me £108.

"I don't know who owns the land but someone needs to do something about it because in the dark you can't see there's a problem at all – I just thought there was a gap to park in."


It would appear that Mrs Moore, a nurse, is not the first to fall foul off the uneven land. A representative of the recovery company she called said it was well aware of the problem.

"The recovery man, when I said I was at Oxenholme Station, said he knew exactly where I was because he had been called out before for exactly the same thing.

"I'm not alone in having this problem. It could have caused a lot of damage to my car and as a result I was sat there for three hours, I was absolutely frozen.

"I just think it needs sorting out. They either need to put a notice up saying not to park there or fix it."

Cumbria County Council said it aware of cars getting into difficulty at the site and has even proposed blocking access to the land to prevent people from parking there.

A council spokesman said: "Due to the deteriorating stone surface of this area, and its location on a tight bend in the road, the council wishes to remind people that this is not an appropriate parking place.

"We are currently considering placing boulders along the highway boundary to stop people from using this area for parking as it presents a clear danger to other road users and pedestrians.”