Justin Woods, head chef at The Castle Green Hotel, Kendal, and Greenhouse restaurant

I’ve been persuaded to host a tapas evening at home but need guidance on the sort of dishes to make?

Lara Thompson,


I love my tapas and love my holidays in Spain. Olives are always a favourite, look for some olives marinated in herbs, garlic and olive oil rather than ones in brine; grilled shell on king prawns cooked with olive oil and garlic. Look out for some manchego cheese, slice thinly and serve with some warm bread. Serrano ham and chorizo are also popular choices, again, look out for some good quality ones. Little fried potatoes are a popular choice, finish with plenty of chopped parsley. I love chicken wings, fried quite hot and finished with chopped spring onions. Not everyone's favourite but I'd add anchovies, look for some sweet ones. Another popular choice is some fried calamari, dust lightly in a spiced flour, then fry quickly in oil, serve with a garlicky mayonnaise dip. Get the sherry out and have a great time.