A POPULAR Lake District pathway is being improved to allow people of all abilities to enjoy the scenery from an iconic viewpoint.

After seven years of preparation, the first phase of the restoration of the gradually inclined footpath to Orrest Head has been completed by the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA).

"It's very important that visitors of all abilities will be able to visit this summit," Graham Standring, LDNPA Area Ranger for the Central and South East, said: "It's a beautiful panoramic view, which made Alfred Wainwright fall in love with the Lake District."


Walkers of all abilities can now reach the 'swing gate' safely, and eventually the improved path will continue right up to the summit viewpoint.

The project, near Windermere, will develop a new route along an old carriageway, originally used by horse and cart to take Victorian tourists up to near the summit.

The LDNPA says it will provide a rare opportunity for less able users to get to the iconic viewpoint, which gave Alfred Wainwright his first-ever view over the Lake District mountains.

Vivian Griffiths, who visits Orrest Head regularly with his dog, was happy to find out about the work done to improve the path.

"It's wonderful that visitors of all abilities will soon be able to enjoy the view from Orrest Head," Mr Griffiths said. "Whoever came up with the idea deserves a pat on the back."

The overall cost of the project is approximately £32,000, with £14,000 already secured.

The project has not a timescale at present, as the LDNPA wants to ensure the agricultural tenant is happy with the impacts of the work done before scheduling the next stage of work.

Planning for future work is due to start later this year and the next stages will be progressed in either 2018 or 2019.

Visit the LDNPA fundraising page at: www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/caringfor/donate/donate-to-orrest-head-elleray-woods-access-improvements-project