COMMUNITY wardens will be using a stencil and chalk paint in suitable dog fouling ‘hot spots’ in Eden.

They are being used to alert dog walkers that they must pick up after their pets.

The chalk paint lasts one to six weeks on a hard surface and will act as a reminder to dog walkers to pick up after their animals.

The temporary nature of the paint allows the wardens to change where they use the stencil if an area improves or changes.


Initially the stencil will be used in Appleby and Penrith where a number of dog fouling complaints have been received.

Eden District Council’s Senior Community Warden, Becky Duckworth said: “We hope using this stencil will trigger more dog owners to pick up and highlight that we have received complaints about that area.

"It may be that children have stepped in dog mess or it is on a popular walk to town or school. The temporary posters we place often get vandalised or pulled down. Often the reports we receive from the public have little information about who may be responsible, so anyway we can encourage all dog owners to do the right thing and pick up we will try.”

Eden District Council’s Deputy Leader and Housing and Health Portfolio Holder, Cllr Lesley Grisedale, said: “I fully support this initiative and hope that the residents of Eden can appreciate that the council will always do its utmost to reach the minority of dog owners who think it is acceptable to allow their dogs to foul the streets.

"I hope that these people will take notice and change their ways, which will make Eden a much cleaner and more pleasant environment for everyone.”

If a member of the public witnesses someone failing to pick up after their dog they can report it to the community wardens by calling 01768 817817 or emailing