I’m putting on a children’s party for end of term and want to serve food that’s a little different. Has chef any tips?

Jayne Robertson, Kendal

GETTING kids party food right can be difficult, catering for different diets, making sure you offer a healthy option and ensuring there is a fun element as well, writes JUSTIN WOODS.

Depending on numbers of children involved, I would try to get the children to help with some of the food. So, buy some ready made pizza bases, cut them out into circles and get the kids to top their own pizzas. Have a few 'random' elements as well such as anchovies, maybe some smoked cheese and some spicy chorizo. Encourage the children to make fun faces on the pizzas. Buy some beef mince and get the kids making mini burgers, toast some slices of baguette to use as mini buns and see who can make the highest burger stack. Some pin wheel sandwiches always work well. Cut the crusts of some sliced bread, lightly roll the slice with a rolling pin, butter, then top with ham, roll into a cigar shape, then cut into slices. Slice some water melon and cut into stars; serve chocolate dipped bananas dusted in popping candy. If you really want to push the culinary boat out, look on the internet for some Japanese school lunch box ideas - have fun!"