The Sudden Appearance Of Hope by Claire North (Orbit)

This is a really clever and interesting book from the author of The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August.

Hope Arden lives a normal life until the age of 16 when, suddenly, people start to forget her. Her father forgets to pick her up from school and her mother sets the table for three, not four. She meets people but, minutes after they have stopped talking, they cannot remember they have ever met her.

Hope eventually forges out a new life, which involves gaining as much knowledge as possible (she can attend educational taster classes as many times as she wants as no-one remembers she's been there before) and audacious thefts (she can't get a job as her employer will have forgotten who she is the next day).

It's a lonely existence but she gains a fresh purpose when she learns about a new app - Perfection - which encourages people to eat, drink and shop in the 'best' places and rewards them for living the kind of lifestyle usually only enjoyed by rich celebrities.


But when someone she meets commits suicide because she feels that she is not worthy in this new 'perfect' world, Hope decides to destroy the company behind the app.

The action ranges across numerous worldwide locations and involves some vry dangerous characters who will do anything to stop Hope - if only they could find out who she is.

This is a fascinating novel which also asks some serious questions about identity and self-worth.