DEVELOPERS behind a proposed new employment and housing site on the edge of Settle have been dealt a blow after it was recommended for refusal by the highways authority.

Skipton-based Candelisa submitted outline plans in May to Craven District Council to build 'Anley Crag Business Park' on land between the A65 and the B6480 into the town.

The scheme includes an around 114,000 sq ft business centre, 19 homes, and a car dealership - believed to be a new site for Ribblesdale Landrover.

Candelisa says it will provide two accesses for vehicles off the B640, as well as two new bus stops.

But in its comments to Craven Council, North Yorkshire highways recommends that the application is refused because 'traffic generated by the proposed development would be likely to create conditions prejudicial to highway safety."

If Craven decides to go against the highways authority's advice, it recommends changes to the currently planned accesses as well as conditions while construction is taking place.

Settle Town Council has also raised objections, including it being an 'over development' and in conflict with the local plan. It also believes the proposed access is 'inadequate'.

In its submissions to Craven Council, the town council comments: "The size and scale will have a detrimental effect on the character and appearance of the open green gateway entrance to Settle", which is says is a market town with strong 'agricultural and tourism' links.

Town councillors also raise concerns about the two new proposed accesses and increased difficulties for residents of Lodge Road and Runley Mill.

"Both roads have traffic approaching from the left without sight lines, and would have to encounter traffic joining from another two exits to further exasperate the situation."

Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority believes there could be an 'adverse impact' on the landscape character of the edge of the national park.

And, while having no objection in principle to the development, it recommends changes to the layout, additional open space and landscaping, and that buildings fronting the A65 roundabout and the B6480 are of 'high quality'.

Candelisa, which recently won an award for its residential re-development of the former police station and court house in Settle, has said it believes there is a need for industrial development in the area.