A TRADITIONAL stone barn in Clapham can be converted into a home after gaining planning permission from Craven planners.

In addition to the conversion of the barn at Fountain House Farm, The Green, Craven District Council's planning committee approved the conversion of a smaller barn on the site to an office and the building of a new garage on the site of a current implement shed.

Ann Sheridan, of Clapham-cum-Newby Parish Council, told the meeting that the council was generally in support of the application, but added it was important to be mindful of future applications for the use of traditional farm buildings in the village.

Ward councillor Carl Lis added they needed to be careful about the conversion of barns that were still in agricultural use and pointed out the farmer did not always own the building.

"We need to be mindful about applications which perhaps are more questionable than this one," he said.