The Westmorland Gazette’s Readers to the Rescue campaign aims to raise £40,000 for Kendal Mountain Rescue Team to buy a new state-of-the-art vehicle that will act as a ‘mobile base’.

This would allow better communications on rescues and potentially save lives. This week SARA ROYLE talks to two of the team's members who are undertaking an epic 170-mile journey to raise money for the vehicle.

TWO Kendal Mountain Rescue Team members are embarking on an 170-mile epic in aid of the Readers to the Rescue appeal.

Kath Jackson and Dave Howarth will be cycling, running and paddling between each of the Lake District's 10 mountain rescue bases.

Five years ago the duo undertook a similar challenge, travelling around the edge of the team's boundary - a distance of 112 miles.

"I am expecting it to be a lot harder," Kath said, of this year's challenge. "I have done a lot of running this year and quite a lot of paddling but not very much biking."

The pair had been planning to undertake the journey sooner but after she had a bike accident, Kath needed time to recover.

"I am still quite nervous riding on the roads so I am not looking forward to the biking part," she explained.

Starting from the opening ceremony of Kendal's Mountain Festival on November 16, the pair will first cycle to Kirkby Stephen and then on to Penrith.

From there they will cycle and paddle to Patterdale, run to Keswick, paddle and bike to Cockermouth, bike up to Honister Pass and run over Scafell to Wasdale.

From there they will cycle to Duddon and Furness' base, run to the bottom of Coniston and paddle over Coniston.

Finally they will cycle to Ambleside and then run and cycle back to Kendal before finishing at the festival.

"We are expecting this to take longer than last time," Kath said, explaining they completed the 2012 challenge in 24 hours and seven minutes. "Our only real aim is to get back before the festival finishes. I think our estimate is Saturday night or Sunday morning."

Kath and Dave will have an experienced support team helping them out on their route, with various team members joining them for each of the legs as well as providing sustenance.

"I think it's being prepared and being equipped," Kath said, when asked what people should do to prepare for similar outdoor events. "And taking in to account that you are going to get tired and any decision making is reduced as you get more tired.

"I am definitely very very happy with the people we are going to have around us to look after us."

The Readers to the Rescue campaign has also been boosted by a generous donation of £500 from Kendal Rotary Club, bringing the total raised to just shy of £20,000.

If you have been helped by Kendal Mountain Rescue Team and would like to share your story, please contact Sara Royle on 01539 790260 or email