IN REPLY to Mr Herbert from Northampton, who wrote to support the proposal to extend the life of the Kirby Moor windfarm (Letters, November 23, 'Extend life of the wind farm'), I believe that these bird-shredding, bat-mangling monstrosities have no place anywhere near the Lakes.

Last week I was aghast to see a distant array of these monuments to stupidity when standing on Surprise View above Derwent Water.

Human activity and carbon release is not affecting the weather. 99 per cent of climate change computer models have proved to be wildly inaccurate, polar bears are thriving and the Arctic has more ice this November than it did in November 2006.

The attribution of variations in climate to fossil fuels is a massive swindle perpetrated by virtue signalling politicians, grant-seeking researchers, and subsidy reliant energy providers.

John Ellwood