I find turkey too dry and would like to change our menu for Christmas. What would chef recommend as an alternative for our festive feast?

Jacqui Silver, Windermere

Dry turkey is always caused by over cooking. I would suggest cooking just a stuffed single breast of turkey. Ask your butcher for a good quality, single turkey breast, it will probably need to come from an 8kg to 9kg turkey. If you're feeling confident, you can make a hole through the length of the turkey breast, if not, then ask your butcher to do it for you. Next make a stuffing. Place 600g sausage meat in a large bowl and add half a bunch of chopped sage, peel 2 large onions, finely dice and cook in 25g butter until soft. Add to the sausage meat. Season well with salt and pepper, then stuff this into the hole you have made in your turkey breast. Wrap the turkey breast in lots of streaky bacon rashers. Then tie with some string to secure. Weigh the stuffed turkey breast, then cook for 20 minutes for every kilogram plus 70 minutes at 180C. Allow to rest for 20 minutes somewhere warm before you start to carve. Use the roasting juices to make your gravy.