WITH Christmas just gone for another year, I would like to make people struggling with the extra cost of it, aware that there is a community of people out there to help them. So, if you become overwhelmed with financial worries don’t panic the Credit Union may be able to help you.

The Credit Union is a cooperative of local people who offer financial help to other local people who are struggling, it’s as simple as that.

It’s not a gift, it’s not for free, but it’s there for all local people in the Eden and South Lakeland area, once they are a member. Becoming a member is open to everyone and very straight forward.

Unlike a bank or loan sharks, the money paid back by borrowers or paid in by savers stays in the area, there for the next time you or another local member wants to borrow. A trained Credit Union volunteer will work out a plan with you of how much you can afford to pay back over how long.

So whether it’s to consolidate loans, payback the Christmas over-spend or simply to afford to have the heating on, pop in and have a chat.

In the future we hope to offer school savings schemes, to help youngsters understand the importance of saving. We hope we can support the Anti-Poverty Working Group, to make Kendal a place where poverty cannot thrive.

Come and see us at the town hall in Kendal any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning between 10.30am and 12.30pm, or look us up on our website https://www.edensouthlakeland.com/ You can even follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We are here to help, so that you don’t feel alone in a financial squeeze: we may be able to help you get your finances sorted!

Some of the best things in life are free and spending more doesn’t always make you happier, yet having a friend to lean on always does, and that friend might just be us at the Credit Union.

Hilary Claxton