SHAP Chippy has acted on the national drive to reduce single-use plastics.

Staff at the award-winning takeaway have managed to source replacements for almost all the plastics usually used in the shop.

Customers are now using paper straws, full-size wooden forks, paper bags and compostable cups and lids, all of which are being introduced as old stock is used up.

“As a parent, protecting the environment is really important to me and I was delighted last year when we changed from polystyrene boxes to bio boxes," said assistant manager Dal Dawkins. "They're made from sugar cane waste and are not only biodegradable but compostable.”

"There is a cost implication but we think it is worth it," said co-owner Jo Hampson. “It's not just what our customers can see. Behind the scenes we have dramatically reduced our use of plastic bags, cling film and bin liners. We are now using old paper potato sacks for our rubbish and we use re-sealable boxes for food storage.”