THERE has been a number of comments in the Gazette over past weeks many criticising the introduction of cycle lanes along the A65. Most feel these are are a waste of Council Tax payers' money and will be little used.

As a motorist and cyclist, who is also the Chairman of the Kendal and District Cycle Scene club (KDCS), I would making the following observations. We live in an age of poorer health, obesity, fast food etc, with many choosing to use the car rather than walk or cycle.

While it is recognised that times have changed - busy roads, increased traffic, worries about safety of children - perhaps attitudes need to change.

Risk has always been something generations have sensibly dealt with. We don’t need lots of rules, regulations and risk assessments but some common sense and advice and maybe support.

If you want to help people get healthier, lose weight and prevent obesity, then encourage them to walk and cycle where they can.

These cycle lanes offer safer routes to school, shops and work premises. Outside of this they offer safe walking, running, cycling for leisure.

Disabled users are catered for with wider and smoother paths.

They are not perfect, with give way points to allow traffic etc to exit and enter slowing progress, but they are better than what we had.

Shared routes are criticised by some and, of course, there will be some users whose conduct upsets others but, on balance, the positives outweigh any negatives.

Think of this as investing in the future of our residents and the generations to come.

You only have to look at the popularity of the ‘Go Lakes’ tracks to see how progress has been made in the very busy Lake District.

Instead of moaning why not get involved and help develop safe routes in and around Kendal for all to enjoy?

Steve Warner