In his letter (August 16, 'Life will go on post-Brexit') Ira Fishman of Sedgwick stated: "With Brexit we must prepare for all eventualities”.

In 2016 we were promised the easiest free trade deal in history with the EU and a Brexit dividend. There was no mention of crashing out without a deal, no mention of a price to pay.

Fast forward to 2018 and there is no Brexit dividend.

We have been told by leading Brexiters that things will be tough and we may not see any benefits for 50 years.

Ira mentions there will be some who benefit. It is quite possible that the multi-millionaires who poured their millions into the Leave campaign will be able to avoid being left short changed.

But if the losers are the millions of ordinary folk who were voting to improve their lot, then this will have been a failure of a democratic process.

To ensure that democracy can be restored I, along with many others, have joined the growing movement for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.

Like most people, I prefer to see the full details of what I'm getting before I finally decide whether to sign up for it or not.

Andrew Herbert