The Gazette’s Give Them A Break campaign aims to raise £20,000 to give carers a break. This week Sara Royle talks to a young carer and her mum.

A MOTHER and daughter from Grange whose roles have been reversed are both ‘so grateful’ for the care and support South Lakeland Carers have offered them.

Kacey Procter, 12, provides care for her mother Angela who is suffering from severe emphysema.

Angela was told in October 2016 that she had two tumours on her right lung as well as that she suffering from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The former wagon driver and cleaner ended up in hospital with a collapsed lung and Kacey began to take on additional duties at home.

“Hoovering, washing up, helping bring clothes down ready for the wash, bits and bobs. Shopping is the big thing,” Angela said. “She does more of the physical things.

“I would say Kacey’s role is going to get more intense because there’s no cure, so it’s terminal. So as it progresses and it gets worse it will get more for her shoulders, which is horrible.”

Kacey said that she found it ‘really hard’ to take on the duties and found it was difficult to balance the housework with her school work at Cartmel Priory C of E School.

It was suggested that the pair get in touch with South Lakeland Carers. Kacey was assigned a case worker and began attending organised activities.

“I like it because I can go and speak to people about it,” Kacey said. “I know that there are other kids in the same situation as me so I can talk to them.”

And Angela, who also has an older son who does not live at home anymore, added that she thought the situation had affected Kacey more than she would admit to her.

“And that is what she would maybe relate to South Lakes Carers,” Angela, 49, said. “It’s been very traumatic and we’re just so grateful for all the help from everybody. South Lakes Carers for her have been a godsend.”

The pair admit that they do argue but it is more to do with frustration than anything else.

“There’s things things I want to be able do for her as a mother,” Angela said. “Because I was quite active and now I struggle to walk any distance. I think that frustrates me because I know she wants to be out and about.

“We’re so close but then we do argue. It’s through frustration that I can’t give her what she deserves. It’s heartbreaking and then she’ll say it doesn’t matter.

“We battle on because we love each other and you battle on because you love your extended family and your friends.”

And both agree that the campaign is a fantastic idea, as carers of all ages deserve time to themselves.

Kacey said that she thought having a break was ‘important’ for carers, particularly as many might not have a huge amount of money if the person they are caring for has given up work.

“They need that time because it’s not just a day job , it’s a 24 hour job,” said Angela.

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