MEMBERS of South Lakeland CND travelled to the Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland to join the international 'Nae Nukes Anywhere ' rally.

The rally, in support of the United Nations Treaty for a Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons, heard speeches from campaigners from Scotland, England, Israel, Japan, Romania, the USA, Russia and the Netherlands.

All called for a nuclear free world and for all countries to support the global ban on nuclear weapons.

"We were pleased to take our South Lakeland banner to Faslane to demonstrate that we fully support the global ban," said Philip Gilligan from Sandside, near Milnthorpe. "It is horrifying that our Government still refuses to engage with the UN treaty in any way.

"The overwhelming majority of the world's countries agreed the text of the treaty in July 2017, while the latest Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) for its successful campaigning for the Treaty.

"The Treaty is set to become part of international law within the next few months and it is time for the UK Government to accept the challenge of a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. It is time to scrap Trident and to halt the Government's unbelievably costly plans to replace it with even more dangerous and more destructive nuclear weapons of mass destruction. We need a world free from the threat of nuclear annihilation."