By Danielle Owen-Jones, director of Kirkby Lonsdale-based PR agency, Bloomin’ Creative.

It’s inevitable that every brand will have to redefine itself at some point.

A rebrand can mean anything from a few tweaks to the marketing content, freshening up a logo, or a complete branding overhaul.

Of course, it’s a big decision to make. But taking that first step towards a rebrand can be invaluable to any growing business. It could mean that you potentially reach new audiences, inspire creative ideas and expand your current offering.

But how do you know when it’s the right time to do so? And how do you do it while maintaining the essence of your brand?

The need for a rebrand can simply be borne from the fact that your business model or long-term strategy has changed over the years.

Consider whether your brand name still represents what your business is about. If you feel like your marketing content (including your website, blogs, newsletters, and brochures) is boring, stale and out-of-date then that is also a tell-tale sign that it could be time for a change.

If you decide to give the green light to a full or partial rebrand, make sure that you create a strong story for your brand and that you’re doing everything with your target audience in mind, as they’re the ones who will decide whether your business fulfils their needs and/or wants. Your brand should reflect what your business is AND what it wants to be.