ULVERSTON residents are objecting to plans to create a micro pub at the former World Peace Cafe.

Mark and Cheryl Bates want to open the Pepperpot Micropub and Rooms at the Cavendish Street building.

But residents have raised objections about noise, anti-social behaviour, traffic and smoking.

Letters have been sent to the South Lakeland District Council’s licensing sub-committee which sits in Kendal on Friday (October 19) to rule on a premises licence.

The applicants say they plan to sell a limited range of quality real ales to a “discerning clientele” with no music, television or gaming machines.

But objector Anne Atkinson, of Cavendish Street, said passing drinkers sometimes knocked on doors, stared through windows or used doorways as urinals.

She said Cavendish Street was mainly residential with children living on the street alongside businesses which tended to shut between 5pm-6pm.

“The street is peaceful after this hour. The bar is not small. It is more like a full-sized bar which could end up rowdy and being a nuisance.”

Helen Barker, a Cavendish Street resident for 26 years, also raised concerns.

“Users of the premises will be smoking in the back yard smoking area, which will disturb residents in the back rooms and bedrooms – including children trying to sleep,” she wrote.

Mrs Barker said problems could go unchecked because there was “total absence” of police presence in the Cavendish Street area.

Resident Kevin Silver said his children were old enough to play out or go to the shops in the early to mid-evening. “They are not old enough to deal with encounters with people who have been drinking in a bar two doors away from their home who are potentially intoxicated,” he wrote.

The applicants want to open from 10.30am until 11.30pm seven days a week, and to stay open until 1.30am on New Year’s Eve.

They insist they are committed to four key licensing objectives – the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, public nuisance and protecting children from harm.

The applicants said: “Along with this being our business it will also be our home so it will be very much in our interests to ensure the business holds true to these objectives.”

Mr and Mrs Bates are also seeking permission to let out three rooms.

“The business will operate a micro pub ethos,” they said.