A SELF-styled defender of women has been told by magistrates he faces a possible prison sentence for verbally threatening a man who was involved in a row with a woman over dog mess.

Michael Valentine stepped in on the exchange between the neighbours in Kirkgate, Settle, as the man confronted the woman over her alleged failure to pick up after her dog, Skipton Magistrates' Court heard.

Valentine, 32, of Duke Street, who the court heard had nothing to do with the two people, warned the man to leave the woman alone, that there would be trouble for him if he persisted, that he did ‘Thai kick boxing’ and that he was ‘very well connected to a bunch of dangerous people’.

The incident, which took place on August 13, was almost entirely recorded on a mobile phone, and was played in court. In the recording, the man can be heard reasoning with the woman to clear up after her dog and saying all he wanted was a ‘peaceful life’ before being challenged by Valentine.

Valentine, who admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, was not a well man, the court heard. He suffered from an acute blood disorder, had to have regular blood transfusions, and recently had had pneumonia, said Keith Blackwell, in mitigation.

Mr Blackwell said Valentine had nothing to do with the incident before walking into it, but he did not like to see women threatened and would always stick by women in such circumstances.

“It was clearly the wrong thing to do and he ended up in a worse situation,” said Mr Blackwell. “The threats were there, but it was all hot air, it was about putting the wind up the complainant.”

Magistrates told Valentine he had made repeated threats of violence to someone who had not responded to him in any way. Sentencing was adjourned until November 9 for reports.