The Clash (box set 19 x 7" singles) released by Sony record label in 2006, value £60

AS A GUEST on a live radio programme I was once asked to give an opinion on punk music. Not having time to think, I replied by saying, "Punk music is the musical equivalent of what we now know as alternative comedy." That aside, in 1977 punk had become a major media phenomena in the UK. The Clash were mainly described as a punk rock band; the Sex Pistols may have been the first British punk band, but The Clash were the definitive British punk band. They were signed to CBS records for £100,000, a large amount for a then, little unknown group of musicians that had only played about 30 gigs, almost none as a headlining act. They were expected to pay for their own instruments, organise their own tours and basically manage themselves. Sony only agreed to record their music; their own career was literally in their own hands.

The Clash made their debut on July 4, 1976, as support act for the Sex Pistols, but by 1979 with the release of their best selling album London Calling - which established them as the top punk band in the UK - led to tours in the USA which were warmly received. Now referred to as a 'New Wave' band and described as a runaway train out of control, they still defined their music as 'definitive punk', assaulting the senses on a variety of subjects, power, rebellion, anarchy, unemployment, imperialism, political stance, mostly expressing the anger of a disenfranchised generation of young people. In 1983, founder member Mick Jones left and went on to found Big Audio Dynamite. Guitarist Joe Strummer held the band together and continued until 1986 before calling it a day. Rumours abounded for many years about The Clash reforming and going on tour again. This was beginning to look hopeful but plans were curtailed when Joe Strummer died suddenly in 2002 from a congenital heart defect.

This collection of 19 x 7" vinyl singles is the most collectable of all their recordings. Each disc is individually packaged. They are simply a collection of all their released singles, including the B sides, individually numbered, including copies of original promotional material. It is also available as a single CD format. It is simply a Best of The Clash containing many of the quartet's finest songs.