A HISTORIC ambulance which saw action on the battlefield in World War One will be on display this weekend at the Lakeland Motor Museum.

The Rhodia ambulance will form part of the museum's exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the armistice which finally ended more than four years of war.

The museum in Backbarrow is already hosting a World War One display, but for this weekend only have added the vehicle as a way of paying tribute to the many people who treated the wounded during the conflict.

The ambulance is owned by local man Ken Atkinson, who said the vehicle had an interesting history.

"During the war vehicles like these were responsible for taking first aiders in to the heart of battle, to rescue and treat soldiers from all sides," said Mr Atkinson.

"Both drivers and crew saved many lives whilst putting themselves at great risk to help others. I’m pleased that after 25 years of care and attention, it can be used to remember those brave soldiers and volunteers on this important anniversary.”

The museum is open form 9.30am to 4.30pm on both days this weekend, and visitors will be invited to donate to the Royal British Legion’s poppy appeal, for which almost £10,000 has been raised at the museum in the last four and a half years.