The Complete Works box set of 14 LPs by Queen, including copy of Complete Vision released on the EMI record label 1985, value £125

THIS box set displays the music of Queen as it was intended to be played, on vinyl rather than CD, writes MICHAEL BROOKS. It also includes the bonus Complete Vision LP containing previously unreleased material. There is also a colour map of the world showing where the band played and charted. It contains every album release from 1971-1984. If you are lucky enough to own one of the first 600 to be issued, you will notice they are autographed, these are valued at £1,000. I have double checked the valuation of this collection because I have seen used copies offered for sale on the internet from £225 upwards. I guess it all depends how much one is prepared to pay. Of all Queen's recordings this is their ultimate collection and the most desirable for a die-hard Queen fan.

Queen were formed in London in 1970. At first, the band were influenced by progressive, hard rock and heavy metal music but gradually developed into a more radio friendly style of music eventually verging on the dramatic. They have been one of the most consistently successful groups of the past four decades. The faultless musicianship held together by Brian May's guitar virtuosity and the flamboyant stage persona of Freddie Mercury was unmatched. Mercury had a terrific voice, he could sing in four octaves and could have been an opera singer; look at the YouTube clip of him singing with the Spanish opera star Montserrat Cabelle, it shows just what a versatile performer he was.

Queen really shot to prominence after their 1985 appearance on Live Aid. Though they were only on stage for little over 20 minutes they were ranked as probably the best live act of the event. Their 1981 Greatest Hits album is the best selling album in the UK with eight million sales; their total record sales are estimated between 150-300 million. A careful study has revealed the former number is the more accurate of the two. Self penning nearly all their own music, Bohemian Rhapsody has been voted the UK's favourite song of all time. I just wish that radio stations would kindly give it a break and play some of their other music. Their is such an abundance.