DANCERS from all over Cumbria have joined together and achieved outstanding results at this year’s Association of American Dance Awards Day.

The Maria Frances School of Dance, which holds classes in Ambleside, were the first places winners at the Awards ceremony at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

More than a hundred girls and boys from the age of four to 33-years-old took part in the competition.

The school managed to win double first and second place in the prestigious Senior Category and also won first place for the New Entry dance.

The Juniors also came away that day finishing third and fourth place.

It has been five years since the Maria Frances dance institution last won in the Seniors selection and Principal Maria Pattinson said the event became 'extra special' as they were also celebrating their 30th anniversary.

"I am totally overwhelmed with the results of all my dances and so proud of all of my dancers," she said "they come together not only to dance but to become a team, improve their dance ability and make lifelong friends. We have a very close and special dance family."

Following her school motto, 'if you can imagine it, dream it, and you can achieve it' the principal said it's not always about the winning that's important to the school.

She said: "All I ever want is for my pupils to do their best and to enjoy such an amazing day, we have such an amazing dance family and I know I am surrounded by so much love and support."